The UK will be hotter than some of Europe’s top holiday destinations later this week with forecasters predicting temperatures hitting 69.8 degrees.

Thursday is thought to be the warmest day on record, with a mixture of sun, rain and cloud, as the mercury rises between Monday and Wednesday, the Met Office has announced.

Thursday is set to become the warmest day of the month before cooling back over the weekend.

The Met Office said there will be one high pressure area situated to the south of the UK, while there will be low pressure over the northern territories.

For the latter half of May, meteorologists are forecasting warm weather, heatwaves in June even more likely.

From Friday and on Friday, temperatures will turn cooler in places, forecasters predict.

Met Office meteorologist Simon Partridge told PA news organisation: ‘This week is a funny old one, there’s a fair bit of rain and cloud around as well as sunny spells, with many areas gradually warming up until Thursday which should be the warmest day,’


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