Lamont signed the order on Thursday morning in front of the eastern entrance of the state Capitol.

A big part of the funding depends on President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” bill that standers in the US Senate.

“We know that this is the crisis of our time and it calls on all of us to get involved and get engaged,” said Katie Dykes, commissioner of the Ministry of Energy and the Environment.

No members of the assembly participated in the event, but Sen. Christine Cohen, D-Guilford, co-chair of the environment legislative committee, praised the move.

Charles Rothenberger, a lawyer at advocacy group Save the Sound, backed Lamont’s effort to persuade government agencies to deal with climate change.

“There are a lot of forward-looking planning and action items in the governor’s new executive order, as well as some more immediately achievable items to reduce motor vehicle emissions, reduce building greenhouse gases, recycle food waste, engage in more air monitoring, and update our stormwater drainage systems,” Ms. Cohen said in a statement.

Asked whether the advocacy group’s lawyer, Charles Rothenberger, was still disappointed that the CEO of TCI had moved out of the case, with the hubbub over half a gallon of more consumer costs, Lamont said he was looking forward but did not plan to press the issue with 2022.

The order provides for almost two dozen measures, including local shovel-ready resistance projects, stronger emission standards consistent with California’s Medium and Heavy Vehicle Rules and support for carbon capture in forests and agriculture.


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Connecticut ) is the southernmost state in the New England region of the United States. As of the 2010 Census, it has the highest per-capita income, (wikipedia)

Ned Lamont

Edward Miner Lamont Jr. is an American businessman and politician serving as the 89th governor of Connecticut since January 9, 2019. A member of the Democratic Party, (wikipedia)

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Public Health England was an executive agency of the Department of Health and Social Care in England which began operating on 1 April 2013 to protect and improve health and wellbeing and reduce heal (wikipedia)