Axios is careful to point out in the reports that the further infectious illnesses caused by climate change are “inevitable”

The peer-reviewed annual reports, commissioned by The Lancet, covered and tracked 44 global health indicators related to climate change – including heat kills, infectious diseases and hunger.

Everyone is going sombre, said Marina Romanello, the Lancet project’s biochemist.

“Rising temperatures are having consequences,”Kristie Ebi

“Rising temperatures are having consequences,” said Kristie Ebi, an environmental health professor at the University of Washington who helped write the report.

This year’s reports, a global report that focuses only on the US, known as “code red for a healthy future,” reveal dangerous trends: “vulnerable populations,” the elderly and very young, have sustained more exposure to dangerous heat over the past year.

Where climate-prone diseases can thrive, there were more people.

Coastal areas warm enough to carry vibrio bacteria have been multiplying over the last decade in the Baltic, Northeastern US and Pacific Northwest.

Some poorer countries have had the mosquito season increase since the 1950s.

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