After a warm and wet Christmas, the weather is set for an extensive snowfall and icy temperatures.

A fresh band of snow and sleet will sweep through Britain and tonight could be the coldest night of the year, as temperatures fall to a bone-dry–12 degrees Celsius (–12 ° F) in some places.

A rare phenomenon called ‘thundersnow’ is to hit parts of Britain on Thursday, as a band of sleet, snow and hail is forecast to interfere with travel and cause power blackouts.

The warnings of snow and ice are in place across most of Britain – particularly in the North West – and across the city.

Urgent yellow weather warnings for large stretches of Britain from Friday morning warn people to approach the roads with care.

The Weather in Glasgow – 7 January 2022 – Friday

The Met Office have put out three separate snow and ice warnings for Scotland, Northern Ireland and parts of northern England for Thursday and Friday.

Meteorologists also warned of blackouts at short notice because of the risk of isolated lightning strikes.

White Christmas (weather)

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A white Christmas is a Christmas with the presence of snow: either on Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day, depending on local tradition. (wikipedia)

Winter of 1962–63 in the United Kingdom

The winter of 1962–1963, known as the Big Freeze of 1963, was one of the coldest winters on record in the United Kingdom. Temperatures plummeted and lakes and rivers began to freeze over. (wikipedia)

Climate of the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom straddles the higher mid-latitudes between 49° and 61°N on the western seaboard of Europe. Since the UK is always in or close to the path of the polar front jet stream, (wikipedia)