A windswept wildfire gripped Southern California coastal communities through dawn Thursday, as drought and weather conditions more reminiscent of summer than winter have shown that fires in the state have become a year-round threat.

Meteorologists issued a heat alert for the most populous US state through Sunday, warning that the mercury could hit 32 degrees in Los Angeles, exceeding the winter average.

The prospect that winter will no longer provide any cover from wildfire is threatening for a government that has suffered enormous wildfires in recent years.

‘If you warm the planet, you’re going to break heat records,’ said geographer Justin Mankin of Dartmouth College, Massachusetts.

Officials said an area has burned to 121.000 acres, but no homes have been lost.

The heat was expected to persist until the weekend as Los Angeles hosted its Super Bowl, the showpiece finale of American soccer.

Cal Fire’s 2020 Fire Siege Report said: “At a time when conditions are deteriorating and a changing climate is taking hold, the phrase” unprecedented “has been used year after year since 2015.

There were no reports of injuries or material damage in the swanky neighborhood, where multi-story homes line the roads, but firefighters urged residents to stay away.

Orange County Fire Authority

The Orange County Fire Authority is the agency that provides fire protection and emergency medical services for unincorporated areas of Orange County, (wikipedia)

Southern California

Southern California is a geographic and cultural region that generally comprises the southern portion of the U.S. state of California. It includes the Los Angeles metropolitan area, (wikipedia)

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