New research led by the University of Copenhagen, Antarctica, and Greenland has uncovered enormous volcanic outbursts during the last ice age.

Recovery of ancient ice revealed 69 ancient volcanic eruptions that were greater than anything recorded in modern history, according to

The Eyjafjellajokull which shut down air traffic across Europe in 2010 pales when compared to eruptions we identified further back in time, many of which were bigger than any eruption in 2000,”said Associate Professor Anders Svensson, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen.

“This new study sheds light on the fact that while current volcanic eruptions can be life-threatening, the next glacial eruption didn’t happen,” it said.

For many people, mention of the Tambora eruption evokes doom and gloom scenarios, which include deafening explosions, dark ash pouring into Stratosphere, and looping lava burying everything en route, as frightened people race for their lives.

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