England are concerned by Australia’s stringent coronavirus protocols before the Ashes, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison saying they will be ‘no special deals’

The Australian prime minister told the newspaper that he sought to bring Morrison’s government and country together on future commitments to create security for the next 20-30 years.

He has established a net-zero target through tough negotiations within the conservative coalition government, an alliance made up of his own Liberal party and the nationalists, who have most of their support in the local rural and mining communities.

Morrison told the newspaper that Australia’s position as a primary energy exporter in the Asia-Pacific region would change and moving to a low-carbon economy was crucial.

The 12-day conference in Scotland, the largest climate conference since the landmark Paris talks in 2015, is seen as a key step towards setting global emissions targets to slow global warming.

“I can assure you we will have a plan”prime minister

Asked whether he intended to make some changes to the climate target, the Prime Minister said in a separate interview with The Australian newspaper: “I can assure you we will have a plan

Jos Buttler has admitted he is ‘open’ to missing the series to spend time with his family, following the recent birth of his second child by his wife, while James Anderson has revealed that because of quarantine rules his family ‘have already said they are not going to Australia

Scott Morrison

Scott John Morrison is an Australian politician who is the 30th and current prime minister of Australia. He took office in August 2018 upon his election as leader of the Liberal Party. (wikipedia)

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Boris Johnson

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is a British politician and writer serving as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party since July 2019. (wikipedia)

Minister for Foreign Affairs (Australia)

The Minister for Foreign Affairs is the minister in the Government of Australia who is responsible for overseeing the international diplomacy section of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. (wikipedia)

Liberal Party of Australia

The Liberal Party of Australia is a major centre-right political party in Australia, one of the two major parties in Australian politics, along with the centre-left Australian Labor Party. (wikipedia)