Senior former leaders of the country’s rescue services have come under attack for ‘bungling’ the flood disaster which still affects communities along its east coast.

Commissioner Carlene York said the forecast for northside rivers on Saturday had been “slight to moderate.”

Around 20.000 new cases had been reported in Australia by Monday lunchtime, with two states to report as of later on Monday and four deaths on record.

Other recommendations, including ensuring that both state and territorial agencies have interoperable communications systems that can be switched, also still need to be completed, the group argues, with the federal government taking responsibility for the problem to facilitate a negotiated outcome among the states.

Scott Morrison

Scott John Morrison is an Australian politician serving as the 30th and current prime minister of Australia. (wikipedia)

Morrison government

The Morrison government is the current federal executive government of Australia, led by Prime Minister Scott Morrison of the Liberal Party of Australia. (wikipedia)

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