Cyclone Gombe has hit more than 30.000 people, injured 40 and destroyed more than 3.000 homes since it touched down on Friday.

Strong winds at speeds of up to 170 km / h and torrential rains have hit the northern Indian Ocean province Nampula and neighbouring Zambezi especially hard.

In the port city of Nacala, some houses collapsed off the edge of cliffs toward the sea while walls collapsed as an AFP photographer observed.

Most of the thatched roofs were damaged and a further piece of metal was left on the ground after the wind swept away tiles, while uprooted trees also soiled the soil.

Eight temporary shelters have opened in the country’s most populous province of Nampula, which has been flattened and destroyed by Tropical Storm Ana in January.

Mozambique was struck by Cyclone Idai back in 2019, the most powerful storm that has ever hit the country.

But luckily, in terms of devastation and the fact that it is losing strength right from the start, this has not had the same effect,”he said from the National Risk Management Institute in Mozambique.

According to Meteo-France, Gombe is now heading for Malawi.

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