Biden launched a federal initiative on 12 October to provide accessible and actionable information on climate change.

NOAA also announced on Tuesday a record $171 million in grants for climate research which could be converted into new predictive tools for public use.

The new guidance, which was announced by the Biden administration at a Climate and Equity Roundtable, being hosted by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in Detroit, Michigan, was needed to help make climate-friendly decisions, the White House said.

The background: The shift toward a state-run approach to climate services is different from ideas by past presidents that entailed building a separate National Climate Service at NOAA.

At least two new reports have been sent to the National Climate Working Group, setting out how the federal government will increase access to climate-related tools and services.

What they say: “Past Federal investments in climate science have provided foundational knowledge that allows us to understand the changes currently underway and to anticipate those to come,” said White House Scientific Adviser Eric S.

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