President Joe Biden said Tuesday as he toured damage in New York and New Jersey following Hurricane Ida that the world was facing a “code red” for the threat of climate change.

Biden spoke after walking the streets of New Jersey and then Queens, New York City, and meeting people whose homes were damaged, or damaged, by the Ida storm.

President Biden says he believes that the damage everyone is seeing-from wildfires in the West to hurricane devastation in the South and Northeast-will turn climate-change skeptics into believers, but years of overlooked warnings by scientists, economists, and others means that the time for action is running out.

“The threat is here. It is not getting any better,”Joe Biden

‘The threat is there, it’ s not becoming any better,’ Biden said in New York.

“I think we’re at one of those inflection points where we’re going to act or we’re going to be in real, real trouble. Our kids are going to be in real trouble.” Ida hit the Gulf Coast in the Category 4 hurricane that brought severe flooding and power outages to much of the densely populated region or oil hub.

Biden didn’t look in their direction, instead concentrating on the families in need.

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