Tens of thousands of Colorados were forced to flee their homes on Thursday as two fast-moving wildfires, fueled by wind gusts of up to 110 mph, raged through communities outwith Denver, engulfing whole counties and destroying hundreds of buildings.

The fires, including that near the Marshall Fire, destroyed 553 homes in Louisville, 332 residential homes in Superior and 106 homes in isolated areas, including Eldorado Canyon.

The recovery is likely to take years.

One of the destroyed buildings belonged to Bill Stephens, the pastor of Ascent Community Church in Louisville, who said Thursday that at least 17 community members lost their homes in the fire as well.

Severe gusts are not uncommon in Colorado, particularly in the boulder region, but if there were no snow and rain to dampen the risks the disaster could strike.

Federal and state investigators are focusing on an area near Boulder, where a passerby took video of a burning shed on the day the blaze broke out.

Stephens was at a disaster relief center when she received a check for $500 from the Red Cross to help purchase food.

Investigators are also trying to understand what caused the power-whipped wildfire, which charred entire neighborhoods and forced thousands to escape.

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