A “decade of action” is needed to tackle the climate impasse, Wales “first minister has said, before presenting a plan for the Welsh government to reach the net zero rate by 2050.

By then, the Welsh government will aim to ensure that the amount of greenhouse gases that Wales adds to the atmosphere is nothing more than it withdraws.

First Minister Mark Drakeford and Climate Change Minister Julie James announce the establishment of more than 120 strategies across all walks of life from peat bog restoration to renewable energy.

The proposals include construction of 20.000 new low Carbon Houses, increasing tree planting by creating 30 new forests, the legal removal of single use plastic and supporting green skills in businesses.

But it is obvious that government does not overcome this challenge alone.

Councils, health boards and other public bodies are expected to publish plans by 2023, looking to hit net public sector pay by 2030, it is reported.

For example, by March 2023, all public sector bodies will report on their emissions and publish their plans to achieve bottom line Wales, which are aiming to have net zero across the public sector by 2030.

The plan is being officially unveiled on Thursday by the First Minister at an event at the Solar Heat Energy Demonstrator in Margam, Port Talbot.

Welsh people

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The Welsh are a Celtic nation and ethnic group native to Wales. “Welsh people” applies to those who were born in Wales and to those who have Welsh ancestry, (wikipedia)


Wales ) is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. It is bordered by England to the east, the Irish Sea to the north and west, and the Bristol Channel to the south. (wikipedia)

First Minister of Wales

The first minister of Wales is the leader of the Welsh Government and keeper of the Welsh Seal. The first minister chairs the Welsh Cabinet and is primarily responsible for the formulation, (wikipedia)

Welsh Government

The Welsh Government is the devolved government of Wales. The government consists of ministers, who attend cabinet meetings, and deputy ministers who do not, and also of a counsel general. (wikipedia)

Mark Drakeford

Mark Drakeford is a Welsh Labour Party politician serving as First Minister of Wales and Leader of Welsh Labour since 2018. (wikipedia)