Anthony Albanese’s one-off platitudes to mining are “not enough” to reverse Labor’s fortunes, outgoing longtime MP Joel Fitzgibbon says.

Labour is on course to take out a three per cent lead at the 2019 federal election after swings against the party.

Outgoing Labour MP Joel Fitzgibbon said the opposition would lose the next election if climate change is their “core” policy proposal.

‘And I’m finding Australians would have rejected both.’

Labour has not yet unveiled its full policy programme for the forthcoming election, but Fitzgibbon has insisted the party will be in the Shadow for at least one more term if climate change plays a prominent role.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is still in negotiations to secure the support of his deputy Barnaby Joyce for a net emissions target for 2050, amid rising international pressure on Australia.

Members including Victorian senator Kimberley Kitching and NSW Senator Don Farrell have raised concerns that Labor’s climate change policy is failing traditional electorates in seats like Hunter with a heavy mine presence.

“You see, Joel once in a while has different viewpoints to what’s on the record. He’s represented his views and it’s also on the record that I feel very different from those views is, and that’s good. We’re a democratic party.”

Joel Fitzgibbon

Joel Andrew Fitzgibbon is an Australian politician. He is a member of the Australian Labor Party and has served in the House of Representatives since the 1996 federal election, (wikipedia)

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Anthony Albanese

Anthony Norman Albanese is an Australian politician serving as Leader of the Opposition and leader of the Australian Labor Party since 2019. (wikipedia)

October 2013 Australian Labor Party leadership election

A leadership election was held in October 2013 to select Kevin Rudd’s replacement as leader of the Australian Labor Party and Leader of the Opposition. Bill Shorten was elected party leader, (wikipedia)

House of Representatives (Japan)

The House of Representatives is the lower house of the National Diet of Japan. The House of Councillors is the upper house. (wikipedia)