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Official figures in India estimate that about 17.000 animals nationwide (including oxen and buffalo) will have died by the year 2020 in cyclones, and almost a million cows are estimated to become slaughtered by these floods each year.

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Millions of livestock worldwide will die within the next decade because of droughts, natural disasters and environmental disasters, experts have warned.

But floods, cyclones or forest fires have devastating and rising effects on the livestock and the families who support them in low-income countries.

In response to the climate crisis, SPANA offers workdogs in many of the poorer communities of the world a lifeline.

The charity offers free veterinary care and immunization programs, and runs emergency programs to ensure shelter, food and water are provided to animals in desperate need, in the face of extreme conditions.

Learn about the effects of climate change on livestock by visiting the Spana Website.

Animal law

Animal law is a combination of statutory and case law in which the nature – legal, social or biological – of nonhuman animals is an important factor. Animal law encompasses companion animals, (wikipedia)

Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad

The Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad is a global charity with the objective and purpose of providing veterinary care to working animals, including donkeys, horses, elephants and camels. (wikipedia)

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United Nations Environment Programme

The United Nations Environment Programme is responsible for coordinating responses to environmental issues within the United Nations system. It was established by Maurice Strong, its first director, (wikipedia)

Humane Society of the United States

The Humane Society of the United States is an American nonprofit organization that focuses on animal welfare and opposes animal-related cruelties of national scope. (wikipedia)