Pope Francis praised the resolve of young environmental campaigners in a video shown at the three-day summit of 400 climate activists from 180 countries ahead of a big week-long international conference to be held in Scotland on October 31.

The three-day summit brought together 400 local weather activists from 180 nations and worked out a blueprint for Scotland’s crucial one week world conference on local weather matters to be held from 31 October.

“Dear young people, I would like to thank you for your dreams and good projects and for the fact that you are as concerned about human relations as you are about caring for the environment,” the Pope said to the young activists in the videotaped message which was part of the Paris deal.

He encouraged younger activists to exceed their varnishments to create a healthier atmosphere for future generations.


The pope , also known as supreme pontiff or Roman pontiff , is the bishop of Rome, head of the worldwide Catholic Church and head of state or sovereign of the Vatican City State. (wikipedia)

Pope Francis

Pope Francis is the head of the Catholic Church and sovereign of the Vatican City State since 2013. Francis is the first pope to be a member of the Society of Jesus, the first from the Americas, (wikipedia)

Vanessa Nakate

Vanessa Nakate is a Ugandan climate justice activist. She grew up in Kampala and started her activism in December 2018 after becoming concerned about the unusually high temperatures in her country. (wikipedia)

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Greta Thunberg

Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg ; born 3 January 2003) is a Swedish environmental activist who is known for challenging world leaders to take immediate action for climate change mitigation. (wikipedia)

United Nations Climate Change conference

S are yearly conferences held in the framework of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (wikipedia)

Mario Draghi

Mario Draghi is an Italian economist, banker, academic, and civil servant who has been serving as Prime Minister of Italy since 13 February 2021. (wikipedia)