NSW government officials say they are growing tired of the federal government accused of delaying a coordinated flood relief package worth nearly $1.4-billion, even as Prime Minister Scott Morrison prioritizes his campaign efforts in Western Australia.

New South Wales has put forward a financing package worth up to $1.4 billion and details are due to be revealed on Wednesday.

However, another NSW Government official told VICE that homeowners living in rural or regional areas might be entitled to an additional ‘up to $25.000’ based on their existing location in the state.

The majority of the packet will be jointly paid for by the Commonwealth and NSW governments, a NSW government spokesman said the proposal would be ‘sorted out as a matter of urgency.’

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In a statement to the ABC, a spokesman for the Premier said the NSW administration was looking forward to finalising “hopes to finalise the details of the additional support very shortly”

State representatives told VICE that Morrison had not yet signed off on the details.

‘We’re looking at other impacted areas in those districts to see how we might extend that support,’ Morrison said on Wednesday.

Scott Morrison

Scott John Morrison is an Australian politician serving as the 30th and current prime minister of Australia. (wikipedia)

Morrison government

The Morrison government is the current federal executive government of Australia, led by Prime Minister Scott Morrison of the Liberal Party of Australia. (wikipedia)

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