Crisis-control warnings are being issued for large parts of the U.S. southwest this weekend as fire crews work to stop the spread of the largest wildfire in New Mexico history.

The seven-week-old fire, the largest in New Mexico history, has burned through two planned fires since it started in April, burning 491 square miles of woodland in rough land east of Santa Fe.

Officers patrolled partially burned areas, cleared and separated container lines, including those close to the fire at the weekend, while bulldozers scraped more remote backup lines.

The National Weather Service issued “Critical Fire Alerts” for parts of Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah.

These conditions are the result of strong winds, low relative humidity and dry vegetation.

The return of drier and warmer weather, combined with higher winds, has threatened fire activity over the weekend with public draughts, prompting officials to urge the public to secure vehicle chains as well as act cautiously in dealing with the potential sources of fires.

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