Most scenarios that limit global warming to 1.5 ° C will involve removing carbon that currently has been released into the atmosphere.

Climeworks AG, a Swiss start-up, has committed CHF 600 million to expand its technology for sucking CO2 directly up from the air.

The world’s greenhouse-gas emissions must peak before 2025 so that catastrophic climate change can be avoided, a major United Nations report released on Monday says.

As researchers say that technologies to remove CO ₂ from the air can and should be a long time in coming, experts also stress that this is no substitute for reducing emissions.

Climeworks “technology operates by moving large numbers of air through a special chemical that can filter out CO ₂, like a magnet that attracts iron fillings.

Graciela Chichilnisky

Graciela Chichilnisky is an Argentine American mathematical economist. She is a professor of economics at Columbia University and has expertise in climate change. (wikipedia)

United Nations Office at Geneva

The United Nations Office at Geneva in Geneva, Switzerland, is one of the four major offices of the United Nations where numerous different UN agencies have a joint presence. (wikipedia)

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