People from all over the world are expected to gather for World Environment Day on June 5th, cleaning beaches, planting trees, and holding marches to revitalize what experts call a planet “teetering on the brink of destruction.”

This year’s event will be held on a digitally driven basis and two days from the Stockholm + +50 international conference being held in Stockholm, Sweden.

In celebration, on Saturday, the Ecoworld event will take place in over 150 countries as part of an annual celebration of the earth dating back to 1973.

“Let us give future generations a healthier environment in order to live a more happy life.” I would like to congratulate him on World Environment Day.

World Environment Day was devised in 1972 by the UN Assembly on the occasion of Stockholm, the first world conference where environment is paramount.

Keeping global warming under 1.5 Β° C throughout this century will require halving annual greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

One of the themes, underlying World Environment Day, is that it is not too late to repair the damage that mankind has done, an aspect that is strengthened by the extreme climate change events occurring around the world.

“On the World Environment Day, let’s cease to do harm to nature.” Together, let’s make a positive transformation to make planet Earth a much healthier, greener and happier place to live.

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