The Midwest, South, and Northeast states could see bitter cold weather this weekend, along with a severe freezing storm and snow, the National Weather Service Prediction Center predicts.

The National Weather Service issued a warning for people living in the Midwest, South and Northeast for ‘ice build-up will make travel extremely dangerous if not impossible’.

Parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North and Southern Dakota and Michigan could experience “dangerously cold” wind gusts of as much as 35 degrees below zero over the weekend.

The South Texas region may experience a combination of cold air and snow.

The governors of North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia declared states of emergency before the storm ripped through land, and Kentucky Governor Andy Beashear urged residents to prepare well in advance.

Southern Virginia could face heavy snow from Friday to Saturday.

Ice accumulation in these areas may be as high as one-10th of an inch.

Snow is also on the way for parts of southern Texas from Friday, with temperatures up to 30 degrees below normal, the NWS Forecast says.

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NOAA Weather Radio

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