Authorities have lifted all evacuation orders as crews continued to make steady progress fighting a wildfire that was started by a woman last week and destroyed dozens of homes near Shasta Lake in Northern California, authorities announced Wednesday.

Alexandra Souverneva, 30, is being held in the Shasta County Jail after being indicted on charges of aggravated arson under a state of emergency in California, state prosecutors said.

The fawn fire was 75 percent contained after it tore down 185 homes and other buildings in an unoccupied area north of the town of Redding, according to California’s Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

IT’S the second-costliest fire in California since records began and destroyed more than 1.300 homes, businesses and other structures.

Spot fire: A sweltering Tuesday afternoon but gusts could spread embers

The fire that has been burning in Tulare County is just 11% under control.

Half of that land – 1,505 sq km – burned this year was destroyed in the Dixie fire in five districts in the northern Sierra and the southern Cascades region.

The fire service estimates that the fire will be completely contained by the 30th October.

San Bruno pipeline explosion

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The San Bruno pipeline explosion occurred at 6:11 pm PDT on September 9, 2010, in San Bruno, California, (wikipedia)

California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection

The State of California’s agency responsible for fire protection in State Responsibility Areas of California totaling 31 million acres, as well as the administration of the state’s private (wikipedia)

CZU Lightning Complex fires

The CZU Lightning Complex fires were wildfires that burned in Northern California starting in August 2020. The fire complex consisted of fires in San Mateo and Santa Cruz counties, (wikipedia)

Southern California Edison

Southern California Edison , the largest subsidiary of Edison International, is the primary electricity supply company for much of Southern California. (wikipedia)

2018 California wildfires

The 2018 wildfire season was the deadliest and most destructive wildfire season in California history. It was also the largest on record at the time, now second to the 2020 California wildfire season. (wikipedia)