A boy looks at food leftovers in polythene bags from the side of a road in Allahabad, India May 11, 2018.

By 2021 it was more than 57 million people at risk of climatic disasters in the region, and the risk for Asia is only on the increase.

Asia has played a crucial role in global decarbonization efforts, representing nearly half of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, but the region is uneven.

According to a report from the research and consulting firm Rhodium Group in 2021, China’s greenhouse gas emissions surpassed those of the whole developed world for the first time in 2019.

Dimitri de Boer, chief official of ClientEarth China, a non-profit environmental advocacy organization, confirmed that China has stepped up the battle against climate change by making a commitment to halt the construction of coal-fired power stations abroad and support other countries in their efforts to develop renewable energy systems.

Lau said large parts of these developing regions are on high emissions sectors.

Greenpeace India

Greenpeace India is the Indian branch of the global environmental group Greenpeace, a non-profit NGO, with a presence in 55 countries across Europe, the America, Asia. (wikipedia)

Handover of Hong Kong

The Hong Kong handover, domestically known as the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong, (wikipedia)

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