New Mexico is still struck by two of the biggest wildfires and fires in the state’s history which have burned hundreds of thousands of acres of land.

The Hermitage Peak/Calf Canyon Fire has exploded in flames since May 19.

The Black Fire has so far, according to the group, become the second-biggest fire in the history of New Mexico, burning 298.440 acres.

On Saturday, wildfires also blazed in New Mexico and other parts of Arizona.

National Interagency Fire Center meteorologist Jim Wallmann told CNN’s Ella Nilsen that fire conditions had deteriorated in New Mexico through a combination of unusually dry and windy spring.

The forest fires are occurring in another year of severe drought throughout the Southwest.

The fire started on 6 April as the mandatory firefighting by firefighters which disposed of small trees and bushes that might have ignited the blaze was declared out of control.

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