GMB’s Laura Tobin gets emotional discussing her daughter and climate change

Mr Amanullah, 39, travelled to Spitsbergen, in the Arctic, to discuss the weather which is among the most affected places in the world by climate change.

Tobin broke down in tears as she said: ‘I came here, ripped away from Charlotte for six days. My producer Ruth hasn’t seen her daughter, she’s never had a night away from her.

Speaking with tears in her eyes, Laura then said: “I’m not, of course, because it’s very dangerous, but possibly when I come here at my age there’s no” polar bears “I’m obviously not because it’s very dangerous. But, if I’m to come here when she’s my age there potentially won’t be polar bears in Svalbard. And we were talking about what we can do but just understanding the reality and everyone making a difference and everyone working together and not pointing fingers will help.

The mother-of-two held up a picture of Charlotte to the camera and went on: ‘And my little Charlotte had drawn this picture of a polar bear and she asked me to give it to the polar bear. But if Charlotte comes here when she’s my age, there potentially won’t be polar bears.’

And with Richard Madely and Susanna Reid introducing Laura, she made an emotional plea to viewers and burst into tears when talking about the effects of climate change.

Her daughter explained why the GMB. weather team travelled to Norway: “Svalbard is warming up and more than anywhere else on Earth, and the impacts around the world are huge.

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Laura’s efforts were praised on Twitter, while spectators applauded her emotional plea.

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