The state of New South Wales, NSW, has braced for its first heat of the season as temperatures were expected to climb into the 40s in some parts of the state Wednesday.

The heatwave will allow many Australians to go to the beach to get their first taste of summer, after a La Nina system swept the east coast bringing unusually wet and cool weather.

Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist Jonathan How said the forecast would be hot and wet for the east, while scorching temperatures of as much as 95F (49C) are predicted for the west during the Bureau of Meteorology severe weather update.


Queensland is a state situated in northeastern Australia, and is the second-largest and third-most populous Australian state. It is bordered by the Northern Territory, South Australia, (wikipedia)

Bureau of Meteorology

Executive Agency of the Australian Government responsible for providing weather services to Australia and surrounding areas. It was established in 1906 under the Meteorology Act, (wikipedia)

Climate of Sydney

The climate of Sydney is humid subtropical , shifting from mild and cool in winter to warm and hot in the summer, (wikipedia)

Jonathan (tortoise)

Jonathan is a Seychelles giant tortoise , a subspecies of the Aldabra giant tortoise , and is the oldest known living land animal. Jonathan resides on the island of Saint Helena, (wikipedia)

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