Temperatures jumped all around India over April, as the country experiences an out of the ordinary heat wave late this month.

India saw its hottest March since 1901, and April’s average temperature in northern and central parts of the country was the highest in 122 years, the Indian weather agency said.

Temperatures should fall by several degrees.

And yet, since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, world market prices have soared, reaching $400 a tonne in March, making them out of reach for permanently tight electricity distributors.

Last month was the country’s third-hottest April in 122 years, from 1901 to 2022, government data show.

A chilly spring preexisted in much of India this year before temperatures rose rapidly and dramatically.

The cause of the fire is not yet known.

High temperatures are not expected to change “significant” in both Gujarat and Maharashtra on the country’s west in the next 26.2022 days up to around 40 degrees Celsius (26.2022 degrees Fahrenheit), the government’s meteorological office said on Monday.

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