John Kerry warned on Wednesday that Putin’s war with Ukraine could distract the world from the climate crisis.

Kerry, who has come under criticism for his own influence over climate change, made a similar comment on Sunday when he told Ian Bremmer of GZERO Media that a Russian invasion of Ukraine would have “monumental impact on the ability and willingness of people to do what’s necessary” to curb emissions and “very tough for the climate agenda, there’s no question about it.” according to a briefing Wednesday afternoon.

President Biden’s climate czar John Kerry warned on Wednesday that Russia’s war against Ukraine will divert the world from the climate crisis and produce “massive emissions” that will reverberate around the world.

John Kerry

John Forbes Kerry is an American politician and diplomat who is currently the first United States special presidential envoy for climate. A member of the Forbes family and Democratic Party, (wikipedia)

Foreign policy of Vladimir Putin

The foreign policy of Vladimir Putin concerns the policies of Russia’s president Vladimir Putin with respect to other nations. He held office from 2000 to 2008, and assumed power again in 2012. (wikipedia)

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