Freezing temperatures and thick fog swept through Londoners yesterday evening and are expected to stay much of today (January 18)

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for fog with the chance of freezing in some places and disrupting transport covering large parts of England and the eastern edge of Wales.

The alert applies to most areas south of Scarborough and east of Manchester in the north, as well as east of Exeter in the south.

Temperatures will also drop to near 0 ° C in many places overnight, which means the fog may frost on some roads.

Met Office meteorologist Craig Snell said motorists should consider more time spent on the road

Frosty start for large parts of England and Wales, with freezing fog slowly melting in certain parts of mid and southern England.

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All the more so after snow has threatened to fall in the past week, especially for the north of England and parts of Scotland.


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London is the capital and largest city of England and the United Kingdom. It stands on the River Thames in south-east England at the head of a 50-mile estuary down to the North Sea, (wikipedia)

Climate of the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom straddles the higher mid-latitudes between 49° and 61°N on the western seaboard of Europe. Since the UK is always in or close to the path of the polar front jet stream, (wikipedia)