In a recent study published in the journal Communications Earth and Environment, Dr. Armineh Barkhordjan affirms that this systematic warming was not due to natural climate changes, but rather due to human influences.

Furthermore, the study showed that the water temperature in the North-East Pacific, known as the warming pool, had risen annually by an average of 0.05 degrees Celsius over the past 25 years.

“This warming pool will continue to increase the water temperature in the future, increasing both the frequency and intensity of local marine heatwaves. The sharp increase in average water temperature is pushing ecosystems to their limits,” explained Barkhordarian, atmospheric research fellow of the university ‘Climate, Climatic Change, and Society

Helmut Schmidt University

The Helmut Schmidt University , located in Hamburg, Germany, is a German military educational establishment that was founded in 1973 at the initiative of the then-Federal Minister of Defence, (wikipedia)