Turkey plans to convene a council early next year to tackle climate change, the country’s environment and urban development minister said on Monday.

The government will therefore call a council in 2022 to address the phenomenon, according to Murat Kurum, minister for the environment and urban planning.

Kurum warned that climate migration could be triggered by disasters such as global warming, floods, wildfires, droughts, and desertification if global cooler than 1.1 C has risen.

Referring to Turkey’s net carbon dioxide target for 2053, Kurum said that pursuing that target would require sequestration of greenhouse gases, particularly greenhouse gases produced by fossil fuels from the atmosphere.

Kurum stressed that they would maximize active engagement – not only by the government but also by non-governmental actors, civil society, and private sector – in the fight against climate change, with the goal of bringing net emissions to zero.

He also said that further works were carried out in Turkey to adopt a climate legislation and to introduce an emissions trading scheme.

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