The Biden administration is due to announce Tuesday that it wants to restore pieces of a landmark environmental law that renews the requirement that climate impacts are accounted for and that local communities should be included before federal authorities approve highways, pipelines and other large-scale projects.

Nixon in 1970 following several environmental catastrophes, including an oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara, California, and a number of fires on the heavily polluted Cuyahoga River in Ohio, which shocked the government.

The new regulation would also verify that the authorities grant a greater role in the environmental assessment process to the communities directly involved in projects.

The changes in administration are also encouraging public officials to consider alternatives to projects rejected by the local community, and she says the law’s requirements are “a floor, rather than a ceiling” in terms of environmental impact.

The move comes at a time when President Joe Biden’s climate change agenda is meeting with headwinds from Congress and the courts.

Trump said the change would dismantle “mountains and mountains of red tape” that had stalled projects around the country.

Officials said they were proposing a series of other more comprehensive changes of law in the coming months.

Changes announced Tuesday would require departments to reflect the direct, indirect and cumulative impact of a decision – including the impact a new project has on neighborhoods already contaminated with pollution.

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