Californian electoral officials are deciding whether to remove Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom in September.

Elder has declared that he is aiming to “stop the war on oil and gas” arguing that “global warming alarmism is a crock.” He also has repeatedly denied the role of climate change in California’s deteriorating wildfire season, instead blaming fire on inadequate forest management.

Earlier, in an interview with ABC News in the Caldor Fire Zone in Northern California, Newsom dismissed Holder’s remarks on climate, arguing that his foe “doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about when it comes to the issue of climate and climate change.”

Of the 24 Republican candidates on the ballot, many are looking to reverse the state’s ambitious plans to fight climate change and move toward clean energy.

The Governor has decreed by decree that all new cars must run electric by 2035, and that fracking permits must be banned again by 2024.

Newsom will be impeached if more than 50% of voters decide he should be struck off the governor’s office.

A new governor would probably not repeal any major climate change laws in California, particularly given Democratic legislation in the state and Governor’s re-election in 2022.

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