Crews on Tuesday made progress fighting the Jim fire that is burning in Orange County, but officials said the rapid growth of the fire offers a “bleak taste” of what the 2022 wildfire season could be like.

Five tanker aircraft and two helicopters dropped water and other firefighting supplies for the flames called Jim Fire, local authorities have said.

California A rapid-fire wildfire near Holy Jim Trail in the Cleveland National Forest The fire that erupted near Sacred Jim’s trail caused a plume of smoke to be seen over Southern California.

About 50 to 60 of the firefighters from the National Forest Service and the Orange County Fire Authority, as well as some Riverside County officials, battled the fire on Wednesday afternoon.

While January and February are usually the heart of rainy season in California, the two-month span was the driest on record in much of California this year.

The fire was initially reported at about 12.20pm near the Holy Jim Trail in 460.000 acres of national Forest north-east of San Diego.

The 400-hectare Emerald Fire, near Laguna Beach, and the Sycamore Fire near Whittier, which burned only 10 hectares or 400 acres but destroyed 400 houses in the first three hours, could pose problems for the flames’ coming season.

Cleveland National Forest

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Cleveland National Forest encompasses 460,000 acres ), mostly of chaparral, with a few riparian areas. A warm dry mediterranean climate prevails over the forest. It is the southernmost U.S. (wikipedia)

Orange County Fire Authority

The agency that provides fire protection and emergency medical services for unincorporated areas of Orange County, California as well as 23 cities within the county that contract OCFA’s services (wikipedia)