A heatwave at the beginning of June shattered records, setting off wildfires across Western Europe that has prompted concern that it is setting a new standard as the climate crisis makes extreme weather events like heat waves more common and intense.

At least 200 monthly records have been broken in Austria, including 107.4 degrees Celsius (41.9 degrees Fahrenheit) in Cazaux, 104.9 degrees (40.5 degrees Fahrenheit) in Bordeaux and 104.5 degrees (40.3 degrees) in Angers.

Météo-France reports that the national average temperature on Saturday rose to 81.3 degrees (27.4 degrees Celsius), the warmest temperature at the start of the year so far in at least 1947.

Last week’s heat wave hit the Iberian Peninsula before spreading eastward over the weekend.

Central and Eastern Europe

Central and Eastern Europe is a term encompassing the countries in the Baltics, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Europe , (wikipedia)

Western Europe

Western Europe is the western region of Europe. The region’s countries and territories vary depending on context. Beginning with foreign exploration during the Age of Discovery, (wikipedia)

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