Meteorologists have issued a storm warning for the country, with up to 20 centimetre of snow forecast over the weekend.

CNN Weather adds that the devastating cyclone in the Northeast will trigger “joined by winds gusting over 35 mph for more than three hours and creates visibility of less than a quarter of a mile.”

Met Office meteorologist Brandon Miller said: “The models continue to show a nor’easter with blockbuster potential for the weekend, mainly late Friday through Saturday.

Moderate to heavy snow is possible from northern North Carolina to New York, but analysts said that “but confidence in potential impacts is much lower,”

As the region prepares for another winter storm this weekend, as little as 20 inches of snow in New York City could be possible, according to NBC.

The weather service said the combination of strong northwest winds and high seas could cause minor or moderate flooding along the coast.

Meteorologists say the Northeast potentially experiences the first “bomb cyclone” in four years.

Although it is “too early” to predict the exact impact of the storm and snowfall, he noted that there could be a wintry mix for some eastern parts of the sea coast.

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