Most voters in all states want the Morrison government to do more about climate change.

YouGov polls show that more than a quarter of voters see climate change as the key issue in the coming federal election.

Half of the coalition’s supporters want to see more climate change and one in five said it will decide their vote.

Just over 60% want Australia to at least halve emissions by 2030, while 71% do not consider coal or gas as part of the nation’s energy future.

The poll, commissioned by the Australian Conservation Foundation, polled over 15.000 voters.

Census data such as population densities, education, and household income have been combined with research to gauge how problems are likely to develop in specific areas.

YouGov said that this allowed reliability to be used to split the results by constituency and demographics.

The results found that 29 per cent of voters in inner cities and 26 per cent of voters in rural areas felt climate change was a major issue in the overall campaign.

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