Search teams were searching for two missing individuals in the smoldering wreckage of a massive Colorado wildfire as people escaped the fires searched the charred remains of their homes to see what was still remaining.

Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle said authorities did a number of tricks and executed a search warrant for the home in a “designated neighborhood,” and on Sunday the sheriff declined to specifics, including if he thought that the fire was arson.

Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle added that investigators did not know whether “that shed started the fire or whether it was secondary” and it’s difficult to determine the cause of the fire “under the snow.”

Rex and Barba Hickman view the ashes of their Louisville home, accompanied by their son and wife

The Twelve Tribes, established in Tennessee in the 1970s, is a fundamentalist sect that believes in a return to first-century Christianity and that all other faiths have fallen.

One of them was found alive, authorities said on Sunday.

Two more people were missing on Monday, the same day that the Boulder County Disparity Action Center was opened “to help people who lost homes in or were displaced by the fire with a range of services including property loss and filing claims for assistance, financial and food assistance, mental health supports, transportation, and more,” according to a news release.

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