A strange cloud formation over Alaska has sparked wild conspiracy theories as to what caused it.

Alaska State Troopers said the bizarre sight was just a path of an airplane in the light of a sunrise.

A rescue force looking for a crash at Lazy Mountain didn’t find anything suspicious, Alaska state troopers said.

Alaska was quick to debate on Facebook what an extraterrestrial could be, with guesses spreading from jet crash to rocket launch to extraterrestrial activity.

A bizarre cloud has caused wild conspiracy theories on social media after it appears to be around Lazy Mountain, Alaska on Thursday.


Alaska ; Aleut: Alax̂sxax̂; Inupiaq: Alaasikaq; Alutiiq: Alas’kaaq; Yup’ik: Alaskaq; Tlingit: Anáaski) is a state located in the Western United States on the northwest extremity of North America. (wikipedia)

Alaska State Troopers

The Alaska State Troopers, officially the Division of Alaska State Troopers , is the state police agency of the U.S. state of Alaska. It is a division of the Alaska Department of Public Safety . (wikipedia)

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