Millions of Americans braced themselves for heavy snow and freezing rain on Sunday as a severe winter storm slammed over the eastern United States and cut off electricity for an estimated 200.000 people.

The National Weather Service (NWS) said the storm is bringing a wretched combination of heavy snowfall, freezing rain and strong winds that are hitting the Southeastern and coastal Mid-Atlantic regions before making its way toward New England and southern Canada.

“A major winter storm will hit the eastern United States between Sunday and Monday,” the National Weather Service warned, suggesting that as much as 30 inches of snow could cover an area stretchable from Tennessee to Georgia.

More than 80 million people have been covered by winter weather warnings, US media have reported.

About 235.000 people were without power Sunday, but as of early Monday approximately 130.000 along the Atlantic coast and Kentucky were without power after supplies resumed, the website PowerOutage.U.s reported.

The storm caused devastating tornadoes and flooding in Florida parts of the Atlantic Coast, while freezing conditions and gusty winds in the Carolinas and Appalachians sparked a flood watch.

An additional 1.200 flights were canceled early Monday.

The Meteorological Channel reported more than a foot of snow fell in North Carolina Sunday morning.

National Weather Service

The National Weather Service is an agency of the United States federal government that is tasked with providing weather forecasts, warnings of hazardous weather, (wikipedia)

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